Primary Care Clinics

Premier Medical Associates Has Over 20 Primary Care Clinics in Central Florida

What is a Primary Care Clinic?

Primary Care Clinic -The idea behind primary care clinics is to provide a go-to medical home for every patient. We operate much like the old-fashioned generalists of the past–but with a distinctly contemporary approach to medicine. Your primary care team works to get to know you, your medical history and your needs and plays an important role as the first key contact in your wellness decisions.

What Services Do Primary Care Clinics Offer?

Preventive care is a key focus in a good primary care practice. Your primary care providers are on a mission to help you stay healthy with regular checkups and immunizations. But we’re also there for you when you get sick, whether it’s an occasional acute illness or support and guidance in managing a chronic condition.

Just some of the important services we provide are:

  • Well visits and physicals.

  • Immunizations.

  • Treating acute illnesses and injuries–from the flu to broken bones.

  • Managing chronic illness and coordinating complex care with specialists.

  • Nutrition and weight loss care.

  • Basic women’s healthcare including Pap smears for cervical cancer testing and treatment of PMS and migraine headaches.


Advantages of Primary Care Clinics?

Here are the five most important ways to build a relationship with a primary care provider:


Having a single physician who has seen you for everything from bellyaches to immunizations to blood-pressure control means having a health resource who knows your history.


Within a primary care practice, you can access a wide variety of health services: preventive care and screenings; care for chronic conditions such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes; and acute care for problems like coughs, digestive issues and high fever.

Health Maintenance

Your primary care doctor is uniquely positioned to help you avoid health problems. Based on the doctor’s examination and your medical history, he or she can determine whether you’re at increased risk for conditions.

Early Detection

Regular checkups and contact with a single physician make it more likely that any health issues will be detected early, when they’re most treatable.

Better Communication

When patients know their physician and the practice staff, visits are less stressful and more productive. It’s easier to talk about sensitive issues with someone you know in a familiar setting than with a stranger in a strange place.