Premier Medical Associates in Florida: Specialized CT Scan Angiogram Services at PMA Urgent Care


Premier Medical Associates (PMA) in Florida, known for its PMA urgent care facilities, offers advanced CT Scan Angiogram services to the Central Florida community. These specialized services highlight the cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities available at PMA urgent care.

What are CT Scan Angiograms?

At Premier Medical Associates in Florida, including PMA urgent care, CT Scan Angiograms merge CT scan technology with a special dye to produce detailed images of blood vessels and tissues. This procedure involves injecting a contrast material to enhance the visibility of vascular structures and is instrumental in diagnosing various conditions.

Ideal Patients for CT Scan Angiograms

Patients who may require CT Scan Angiograms at PMA urgent care, part of Premier Medical Associates in Florida, include those with arterial injuries, tumors requiring blood supply evaluation, aortic dissections, coronary artery disease, pulmonary embolism, congenital blood vessel abnormalities, and vascular stenosis or obstructions.

Benefits of CT Scan Angiograms

The CT Scan Angiograms at PMA urgent care, under the umbrella of Premier Medical Associates in Florida, offer several advantages:

  1. Detailed Internal Imaging: CT Scan Angiograms provide intricate details of internal structures, aiding in accurate diagnosis and surgical planning.

  2. Surgical Assistance: These scans are beneficial during surgeries for real-time blood vessel examination.

  3. No Residual Radiation: Despite using radiation, CT Scan Angiograms leave no residual radiation in the body post-procedure.

  4. Painless and Fast: The procedure is painless, accurate, and quick, making it convenient for patients.


Premier Medical Associates in Florida, particularly through PMA urgent care, is at the forefront of providing CT Scan Angiogram services. These scans are vital in diagnosing and managing various health conditions, ensuring that patients in Central Florida have access to precise and efficient imaging technology. The team of skilled professionals at Premier Medical Associates, coupled with state-of-the-art technology at PMA urgent care, ensures high-quality patient care and diagnostic accuracy.