Premier Medical Associates in Florida: Advanced CT Scan Services at PMA Urgent Care


Premier Medical Associates (PMA) in Florida, prominently featuring PMA urgent care, extends state-of-the-art CT scan services to Central Florida. Emphasizing the importance of advanced diagnostic tools, PMA urgent care is equipped to provide comprehensive CT scan services.

What are CT Scans?

At Premier Medical Associates in Florida, including PMA urgent care, CT scans combine X-Ray images from different angles to create detailed cross-sectional images of the body. CT scans offer more detailed information than plain X-rays, making them a critical tool in diagnosing and planning treatments for various conditions.

Ideal Patients for CT Scans

Patients visiting PMA urgent care, a part of Premier Medical Associates in Florida, may require CT scans for various reasons, including detecting bone and joint problems, identifying changes in conditions like cancer or heart disease, visualizing internal injuries, guiding treatment plans, and monitoring the effectiveness of treatments like chemotherapy.

Benefits of CT Scans

CT scans at PMA urgent care, under Premier Medical Associates in Florida, offer several advantages:

  1. Painless and Noninvasive: CT scanning is a pain-free, noninvasive procedure, making it a patient-friendly diagnostic tool.

  2. Comprehensive Imaging: A significant benefit of CT scans at PMA urgent care is the ability to image bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels simultaneously, providing a comprehensive view that is not possible with conventional X-rays.

  3. Detailed Images: CT scans provide detailed images of various tissues, including lungs, bones, and blood vessels, facilitating accurate diagnoses.

  4. Speed and Simplicity: In emergency situations, CT scans at Premier Medical Associates in Florida, especially at PMA urgent care, are quick and simple, allowing for the rapid detection of internal injuries and bleeding, potentially saving lives.

  5. Cost-Effective: CT scans have been proven to be a cost-effective imaging tool for a wide range of clinical problems.

  6. Less Sensitivity to Movement: Compared to MRI, CT scans are less sensitive to patient movement, making them more suitable for certain patient conditions.


Premier Medical Associates in Florida, particularly PMA urgent care, offers advanced CT scan services. With painless, noninvasive, and accurate imaging capabilities, CT scans at PMA urgent care play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing a wide array of medical conditions. The state-of-the-art facilities and skilled medical professionals at Premier Medical Associates ensure that patients in Central Florida have access to the best diagnostic tools available.