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Yodsui Llop, MD

aesthetic medicine, & pain management

Dr. Yodsui Llop, a native of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, earned her degree with honors in 2007 from the prestigious Iberoamericana University in the Dominican Republic. Following her academic achievements, she completed her internship at Pavia Hospital in Puerto Rico, further enriching her medical expertise. With over 16 years of diverse experience, Dr. Llop has excelled, particularly in the field of General Practice. Additionally, she holds certifications in aesthetic medicine, pain management, weight control, and ulcer care.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Llop finds fulfillment in two core aspects of her life. Firstly, her passion lies in fostering strong connections with her family. Secondly, she is dedicated to providing compassionate care to her patients, ensuring their well-being is at the forefront of her medical practice. Dr. Llop’s commitment to excellence and her holistic approach to healthcare make her a trusted and valued practitioner in our community.

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