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Luis Richardson, APRN

Luis Richardson, APRN Board Certified. Native from Dominican Republic. My area of job and studies is medicine. Graduated from doctor in medicine at the University Autonomous of Santo Domingo, D.R. with training in ophthalmology, endocrinology and nutrition in Santo Domingo, Institute of Endocrinology and Nutrition. Practicing medicine in those areas for 5 years. Also, enrolled in the military hospital at San Isidro air base and other facilities in D.R.

Then, I decided to come to USA, Miami, Fl, to continue the studies, starting to study and work assisting doctors in Miami for several years. Then I decided to start nursing in Puerto Rico, Santurse, at Sacred Heart University. Graduated with honors from bachelor’s in science of nursing. Then, I returned to the USA, Orlando, my official residence, and started working in this field for 7 years. After this, Ifeel the necessity to increase my knowledge and experience to help more effectively to the needed person and attended to Miami Regional University to the family nurse practitioner program and graduated successfully with honors in 2020. From there, after obtaining the State License, I involved in direct patient care for 4 continuously years as family nurse practitioner, providing services to children, adults, geriatric people both sexes with truly empathy, courtesy, kindness, and patience to all people needed.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that Premier Medical Associated gave to me to participate as a part of this famous health center and staff, and I will dedicate all my knowledge, interest, faithfulness, trust, time, to serving the patients and staff.

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