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Jesus Pichardo, MD

Dr Jesus R Pichardo was born in Dominican Republic.

Studied on the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) where was graduated of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in 1987.

Immediately relocated to Puerto Rico where I approved the Puerto Rico Medical Board Exam.

Start my internship in Fajardo PR at the Hospital Jose Ramos Lebron. After that I was accepted as House Staff in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The University Hospital Ramos Ruiz Arnaud (HURRA) Bayamon PR.

Medical Acupuncture at Universidad Central del Caribe Puerto Rico

I had the opportunity to be accepted as Pediatric Resident at the Same Hospital. Several years acting as Internal Medicine and or Surgery screener at the same Hospital ER.

Additional Occupational Medicine Member Of PR College of the Occupational Medine, Medical College of Puerto Rico, Florida Medical Association and long term subscription to New England Journal of Medicine NEJM.

2009 Came to Florida. Spend three years as CHO (Chief Health Officer) in DOC (Florida Department of Correction).

Since 2012 and until 2023 I has been serving as Physician Primary Care in an Medicare Advantage based Company in Orlando Florida, where I had the opportunity to serve to our patients and as dedicated manner doing the extra mile in the best interest of our patients. Compassion, patience and understanding it is my best.

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