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Omar Vazquez Alicea, MD

Primary, Preventative, & Emergency Healthcare
Dr. Omar Vazquez Alicea is a dedicated General Practitioner specializing in primary, preventative, and emergency healthcare. He earned his medical degree from the esteemed Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 2013, demonstrating a profound commitment to patient well-being. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he prioritizes effective communication.
Starting with a Bachelor of Sciences and a major in Human Biology from the University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Vazquez embarked on a dynamic healthcare career. He began as a general practitioner with the Puerto Rico Medical Emergency Group, collaborating seamlessly with emergency medicine specialists at Hospital Pavia Yauco’s emergency department.
His journey continued as a house staff physician in the supra-tertiary emergency rooms of the Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration and the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. Working closely with board-certified Neurosurgeons and Internists, he extended critical patient care to a wide region.Relocating to Florida, Dr. Vazquez made a significant impact as a primary care provider in Leesburg before joining Premier Medical Associates at Marion Oaks, Ocala and Belleview offices.
His exceptional training includes supervised clinical experience through the New York Medical College-Pre Internship Program at Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island, NY.
Currently, Dr. Vazquez  brings his expertise to patients at our Marion Oaks and Belleview offices. With a proven track record of compassionate care, extensive medical knowledge, and multicultural fluency, he continues to elevate healthcare standards in the communities he serves.

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