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Craig Brady, APRN-BC

Major Craig A. Brady APRN-BC, FNP proudly served his country as a part of the United States Armed Forces since November 1980. His long career in the military included enlisting into the Air Force and serving two active-duty tours. Craig went on to serve in the Army National Guard assigned as a Medic/Paramedic to the 3rd/20th Co B Special Forces Detachment.

He later took reassignment into the Army Reserves while working full-time and pursuing a college degree from the University of Tampa in Advanced Nursing. Graduated in 2001 with honors and an MS Nursing specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner.

As his career advanced, Major Brady took an oath to become an officer of the USAR. He was recruited and served in the United States Navy Reserves until contacted by United States Air Force to serve once again on active-duty status as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

After completing a three-year active-duty contract with the USAF, Major Brady joined forces with the United States Army Reserves. There he served out his twenty-year commitment while spanning over 30 years federal service.

Major Brady retired July 2014 and continued his civilian professional career as a Family Nurse Practitioner concentrating in Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care specialties. Major Brady APRN-BC has been a licensed National Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 2001.

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